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edits from particular accounts or IP address ranges, as occurred at the time of the shooting down of the MH17 jet incident in July 2014 when it was reported edits were made via IPs controlled by the Russian government. The policy has sometimes proved controversial: in 2008, Wikipedia rejected an online petition against the inclusion of images of Muhammad in the English edition of its Muhammad article, citing this policy. Media files covered by free content licenses (e.g. 159 Concerns have been raised by PC World in 2009 regarding the lack of accountability that results from users' anonymity, 160 the insertion of false information, 161 vandalism, and similar problems. Here Comes Everybody: The Power of Organizing Without Organizations. 169 The article stated that: "Beginning Monday from the date of article, June 16, 2014, changes in Wikipedia's terms of use will require anyone paid to edit articles to disclose that arrangement. "Read me first: Wikipedia isn't about human potential, whatever Wales says". Auerbach, David (December 11, 2014). ACM Transactions on the Web. Nicholas Carr wrote a 2005 essay, "The amorality of Web.0 that criticized websites with user-generated content, like Wikipedia, for possibly leading to professional (and, in his view, superior) content producers' going out of business, because "free trumps quality all the time". A b Agence France-Presse (April 29, 2010). Other past and present community news publications on English Wikipedia include the "Wikiworld" web comic, the Wikipedia Weekly podcast, and newsletters of specific WikiProjects like The Bugle from WikiProject Military History and the monthly newsletter from The Guild of Copy Editors. Danah Boyd (January 4, 2005). Review with urgency copyright law (in Italian). Pone.0038869, see "Archived copy". "Server roles at wikitech. The h2g2 encyclopedia is relatively light-hearted, focusing on articles which are both witty and informative. (PDF) Archived September 27, 2016, at the Wayback Machine International Journal of e-Collaboration (IJeC 12(2. Is partly responsible for the site's dominance as an online reference. Mobile apps A variety of mobile apps provide access to Wikipedia on hand-held devices, including both Android and iOS devices (see Wikipedia apps ). 353 354 Studies related to Wikipedia has been using machine learning and artificial intelligence to support various operations. gepiercte kitzler oma ficken geschichten

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